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Breast Ripper Picture Did China, Japan And Korea Also Used Torture Devices In The Medieval Period?

Did China, Japan and Korea also used torture devices in the medieval period? - breast ripper picture

I wonder, are instruments of torture is also used in the medieval city in Asia? For example, stocks, screws, door-stretching, some breast extractor, etc. For reason, I look at the medieval Asia is ...


Javier C said...

Yes, some people say is the chinesse one of the worst ever torture.

Medieval Torture - Tean Zu

Tean Zu is an ancient Chinese torture device originally designed for women, but he quickly put torturers for male victims. It is relatively easy and laid painful torture, where the fingers of a person is on a flat surface. The wooden poles placed between the fingers connected by strings. When a victim refused to talk and give information, torturers, they should also strengthen the chain makes a little more tables crush fingers.

This torture is sometimes used in the West, not to kill the injury to the skin or the victim.

Chinese Torture

Chinese Torture was another way to punish violationsERS. It was considered "as painful as the human body can endure." Making a person laugh until his death - Chinese invention. The Chinese not only knew how to get the truth from anyone, they are the victims of the hatred of their tormentors.
The most common way to get someone who speaks to is the use of torture as a "leaf" known. It was a small - very strong - dagger. The torturer make an incision in a time of his victim, if he refuses to speak, he could continue indefinitely. A thousand cuts is not enough to kill a person. He could not go forward until the blood from the body very slowly. This happens rarely, because the victim can be cured and for months - even years after being tortured.

In medieval China, if someone does not obey the Emperor,I want to be dead. If someone refuses to believe the emperor, he would be tortured and killed. If someone is offended the emperor, what was going to wait for him to be as "hell" described.

Therefore, China is now infamous torture. "But not only laugh at the cut and that was a lot more. They have been also developed very psychological torture. Sleep deprivation is one of the most widely used.

"The ball was" entirely psychological. It was fixed to a person on a wall (many with cords, cases of ill nail) and tie a small ball all the way between the ceiling and the head of the victim. The rope to come and go, is the front of the person until he reached his brain - after many months - aD died. In the middle stage of the process of torture, the victims are cries of pain, because he touched the blood on his forehead felt his eyes (which sometimes causes blindness).

Chinese Torture was very cruel.

cp_scipi... said...


Chinese executioners are suspicious of their ability to feel the pain too famous. Water torture is just one of their inventions. Also the bamboo bed, the "thousand cuts", the rat in a pot ... These are all inventions of Asia
his version of the Virgin of Nuremberg "was a chair covered with thorns and oven option to make a real hot seat

What a disappointment, but in Asia the reality is much more brutal than Europe is increasingly scientific

Major Depression said...

Absolutely, were the preferred method of torture in Japan, in a boiling cauldron, the beheading with a dull sword. China has also the torture, mutilation extended, buried alive, breaking their legs, these things go in the same direction of Europe torture.

Tanuki Girl said...

yes ... as horrible as torture instruments from the Middle Ages in Europe.

Tony Kiedis said...

Yes, you've never heard of the Ten abow Minah "Torture?" You can bleed your ears forever.

34th B.G. - USAAF said...

Who was worse than the Europeans.

Urnekel said...

Oh Yeah. Have you ever thought of the Chinese water torture?

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